Gallery Renovation

Gallery Renovation

Beginning April 24, The Hive St. Pete will be renovating the gallery portion of our shop. When we bought the property in October 2020, it was a vintage and antique store throughout. Since the purchase, we have made changes, one being that we have added a large pottery studio. We also began showing our pottery and other local art in the main room where customers enter. Unfortunately, while the room was suitable for its prior use, it is unsuitable for an art gallery. Below are the plans we have for the space.

1. Remove the drop ceiling
2. Replace with a high ceiling of corrugated metal and exposed A/C vent that runs the length of the room.
3. Remove a wall
4. Remove the old black linoleum floor and black carpet
5. Replace with a thick vinyl plank flooring
6. Build displays
7. Add gallery lighting

We anticipate only closing one day, Sunday April 25, and opening again April 27 as usual. However, the following 2 weeks or so will be a bit messy as we will be renovating while open.

We will create a visual record of our progress, so be sure to check back with us often. Better yet, please come in and see for yourself, and shop while you’re at it! seen here is a current picture for comparison as we progress.

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