Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Years of experience and a passion for the arts.

From beginner to master classes, our teachers become your guide throughout your artistic journey.

Wheel throwing | Hand-building | Glaze techniques | Firing and kiln types
Painting | Illustrations | Print making and more!

heather tinnaro
Director of Education

With roots deep in Tampa Bay, heather tinnaro is a fourth-generation Floridian with a BA in Writing Studies and Creative Writing from the University of South Florida. She has been working and teaching ceramics for several decades, during which she has studied and taught next to local and national luminaries, some of the best and most interesting characters in modern ceramics.

Heather has taught at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts in Asheville, North Carolina, and the Morean Center for Clay. As the Education Coordinator at The Hive, heather develops curriculums and course offerings for artists of all skill levels.

Heather Tinnaro

Emmett Freeman
Studio Manager

Emmett Freeman is from Concord, New Hampshire. They completed their BFA in ceramics at the Maine College of Art in 2017 and have taught at Haystack Mountain School for Craft, Maine College of Art, Morean Arts Center, and many other outstanding educational institutions. They have been featured in Ceramics Monthly Magazine and Maine Home and Design. Their work transforms the mundane—everyday experiences—by utilizing traditional and contemporary methods of figurative drawing, sculpture, and ceramic vessels that engage with audiences through an introspective space.
Emmett is the Studio Manager at The Hive. They live in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they can be found making art, teaching, or hanging out with their cat Pabu.

Emmett bio pic

Sarah King

Sarah King received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida in 2015. Upon graduation, she moved to Tampa, where she teaches art and ceramics for the City of Tampa Art Studios and The Hive.

Her work explores lines in patterns, architecture, and nature and the relationships formed between them—simplicity and minimalism. These relationships influence her ceramic forms to create geometric floral patterns painted on simple angular forms. Decoration, form, and function collaborate to deliver a unique experience with everyday objects.

sara king pic
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