Meet Our Team: David Smith – Pottery Studio Manager

David Smith is The Hive’s studio manager. He is integral to our success, and all you need to do is meet him to understand why. David comes from an arts education background, and has taught ceramics professionally for about six years. He is great with kids and adults alike, and can turn just about anyone into a clay addict.

David manages all aspects of our studio. He is multi talented, so in addition to managing students, kilns, glazes, assistants, and more, he is a fantastic artist in his own right. Because David is also one of the two resident potters at The Hive, his work can be found in our gallery and at shows we do.

On a personal note, I think David is wonderful. I have grown in my own skills since he has joined us, and I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Carol (co-owner)

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